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Kurt Cobain ALIVE?
Oh good news everyone. Kurt Cobain is actually alive and living in Seattle and wanting to get back into the music industry so we can all get ready to celebrate that. (***note sarcasm***) Some guy in Seattle is claiming to be Kurt Cobain and saying he didn't die via self inflicted gun shot wound back in '94 and that it was all a ruse to get the media off his back. He says Courtney Love was in on it the whole time too. Now, if this were true that would make Kurt 47 years old. Here's where it...

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Hozier @ Massey Hall
The most talked about Irish singer/songwriter sold out Massey Hall on March 2nd. His self-titled debut album released this summer and his song “Take Me To Church” went viral.  The Hozier hype has not died down as the audience swayed along to songs such as “Someone New” and “In a Week”. Hozier and his band of six were spot on and pitch perfect while reaching all different vocal ranges. Strobe lights, smoke machines, and beautiful lighting set the mood for such a breathtaking performance. As...