102.1 the Edge Announces New On-Air Lineup Beginning Monday, March 31, 2014

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

Dynamic new ensemble of radio personalities include Dominik Diamond, Josie Dye, Greg Beharrell, Carlos Benevides, Fred Kennedy, Melani Mariani and Adam Ricard

Corus Radio Toronto’s 102.1 the Edge, has announced a diverse new weekday lineup of on-air personalities to bring the best of music, pop culture, irreverent humour and topical engaging entertainment to audiences. The new station roster makes its debut Monday, March 31.

Morning drive will be hosted by Dominik Diamond, Josie Dye and Greg Beharrell from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

  • Dominik has extensive international experience as host at BBC London and BBC Scotland. Most recently, Dominik hosted The Dominik Diamond Morning Show on Halifax’s Radio 96.5 and prior to that was the very popular evening host on the Edge’s brother station Q107.
  • Josie is no stranger to the Edge. She has been the station’s midday announcer and host of the nationally syndicated Josie’s Top 20. She has also been the host of Oh So Cosmo on Cosmopolitan TV.
  • Greg is a writer, comedian, performer and multiplatform content creator, who currently hosts the evening show on the Edge and is a video contributor to the world famous funnyordie.com.

Middays will be hosted by Carlos Benevides from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Carlos, a former Edge announcer, comes from Corus Radio Kitchener’s 91.5 the Beat, where he is currently the morning show co-host on The Beat Breakfast.

Afternoon drive will be co-hosted by “Fearless” Fred Kennedy and Melani “Mel” Mariani from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fred joined the Edge in 2009 and has since been the station’s afternoon drive host, as well as host of TELETOON’s Fred at Night. He will be joined by new co-host, Mel, who has been featured during the weekends on the Edge.

Evenings will be hosted by Adam Ricard from 7 p.m. to midnight. Adam is a weekend veteran of the Edge and has frequently hosted live concert performances and artist interviews for the Edge’s Sugar Beach Sessions at Corus Quay.

“We’re excited to introduce this sharp-witted lineup to both new and long-time listeners of the Edge,” said Blair Bartrem, Senior Brand Director, 102.1 the Edge. “These on-air personalities each bring their own unique voice and distinct sense of humour that will make the station Toronto’s alternative destination for great comedic banter, relevant interviews and amazing music.”


  1. I will never understand how you decided to give Greg a morning spot. Although I’m a fan of Josie, I will not be able to listen in the morning any longer and I have been an Edge morning listener for over 10 years.

    Keeping Fred & Mel together in the afternoon is great and agreed it is about time that Adam is recognized….he is the best you have and he should have been on the morning show!

  2. Is that the Domink from Q107? Looking forward to it then although still would prefer Dean & Todd back and Derek. Oh well.
    Fred is best from 2 – 7.
    Go Adam, always been a favourite & still getting used to Greg.

  3. So glad the Dean Blundell show is finally gone. I’ve been boycotting the morning show for years. They just took things too far too often, and it wasn’t funny, and wasn’t something I wanted to listen to. Greg isn’t a whole lot better, but I’ll at least give it a listen. I love the music that the edge plays, and as long as this new lineup of hosts doesn’t go over the edge like everybody on the “Dean” show did, I will be a longtime listener.

    You will have a lot of 15 year old boys complaining that they want Dean back… I’m glad you made the right choice.

  4. Fred and Mel deserve the morning, Greg is hard to handle in large doses.

    Hopefully the new format of more music less talking continues in the morning though, I’m enjoying the tunes again.

  5. Good Luck to Mel, Fred and Adam, always enjoyed your shows. To bad you ditched Dean and kept Greg, he is annoying, not funny and every time I hear his voice I tune out. Hope you are sticking with this new schedule so I know not to listen until the afternoon drive begins.

  6. Bring back Dean. Also suggest you remove “Edge” from name as you certainly are no longer. Few new name suggestions “Dull 102″, “PC 102″ or 102 CFNY The lack of imagination station

  7. Greg and Josie are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is the worst morning show combination you could possibly come up with.

    Bring back Dean, Todd, Derek and Billy/

    Adam, Fred and Mel are all great, promote them and get rid of the rest.

  8. I’ll be honest, I’m in the boat with many people that hate the fact you took Dean off the air. That being said, liking the new line up and a step in the right direction for where the station is at right now.
    I was not a big fan of Greg at all, but in the last few weeks when you’ve been testing people out, I have absolutely loved him and Josie on air together. They make a great team and looking forward to listening to them for my commute to work.
    Don’t know Carlos, but I’m at work when he’s on the air so doubt I’ll be listening to him much. Just please get him to cancel the 90′s nooner, it’s just an excuse to play Nirvana, Blind Melon, and Weezer for an hour.
    Fred is just awesome and pairing him with Mel is a good move. He seems to work better with a partner and him and Mel have a good chemistry. Looking forward to listening to them for my commute home.
    And Adam, well it’s about friggin time you got him his own show. He’s by far the funniest talent you have on air right now. Can’t wait to listen to his show!

  9. Fred & Mel >>>> Dean and crew

    I was getting tired of listening to 15 minutes of them bleeding every ounce of humor out of every joke they think is funny and laughing at themselves for minutes on end like it’s the best thing ever.

  10. I would rather hear Fred and Mel in the mornings, and Adam for Midday. They are the best you have. That being said, this is a much better lineup than Dean and Co. They have been DOA for years. Maybe you should have polled your listeners before announcing your new lineup.

  11. I am not quite sure what the attraction to Greg is. He is very difficult to listen to and I am not a fan of his brand of humour. I don’t think you need to make people out to be idiots to make people laugh. And it is all very staged and tired.

    I do like Josie and I think Fred and Mel should have had the morning spot. They are great together. Always a fan of Adam and glad to see that he has an entire spot, although evenings IMHO is not the spot he deserves.

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