Music and Deflation

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

This is a story about music and deflation.  If you’re of a certain age, you may remember going to the record store to buy your favourite song.  This is back in the days when the 7-single ruled rock’n’roll.  In the 70s, you could save up your allowance and buy a single for anywhere from 79 cents to maybe a buck-fifty.  That was a fair chunk of change in those days—the equivalent of almost six dollars.

Now consider today’s market for digital singles.  Forty years later, how much are we paying for a single?  Anywhere between 69 cents and a buck-twenty-nine—and that’s in today’s dollars.  And that’s in Canadian dollars, too, which makes the single cheaper in this country than in the US, Europe and Britain.  And that’s if you decide to buy. Don’t even get me started on streaming. Bottom line? Music has never been more affordable.

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