Illegal Ripping

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

A British high court has ruled that it is illegal to transfer copyrighted material from one source to another, even if it’s to be used for private purposes. All copying requires the permission of the rightsholder.  All copying.  You can break the law when you (a) rip legally-purchased CD to iTunes (which in itself is a legal product); (b) copy those digital files to your iPhone; and (c) back up the data on your computer–which, of course, included those just-ripped MP3s. This not only creates a problem for you, the end user, but for Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and anyone else who creates hardware and software that allows (encourages!) for the transfer and copying of music. It also makes thieves out of any software and hardware company that allows computer users to back up their data. The good news? Everyone knows this is dumb and they’re working to find a solution—which, by the way, may result in a tax on all hard drives sold in the UK.