North Korea Invades South Korea Via Karaoke

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

Technically, the Korean War never ended. The truce that was forged in 1953 along the 38th parallel is the only thing that keeps things from getting out of hand today. However, the North and the South still take shots at each other—and not all of them involve landmines, shooting down planes or blaring propaganda through loudspeakers over the DMZ.

Here’s one of the weirdest. Earlier this year, karaoke machines in a number of South Korean establishments were found to be loaded with patriotic songs from the North. Tracks like “Glory to the Dear Leader” and “Living Well in the People’s Paradise” were available to anyone who felt the need to sing them. This, however, is illegal, as is all North Korean propaganda under a 1948 national security law. The mystery is how North Korean operatives managed to plant these songs. The South is taking this very seriously and has dispatched agents to figure out this plot.