Top 10 Weird Music Videos of 2015

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Top 10 Weird Music Videos of 2015

It used to be that you needed a budget of $500,000 or more to shoot a music video. Now you can take 4K video on your phone and edit it without leaving the device. That’s opened things up for people who want to visually document the weird and the strange.

1. RUMEX, “Summer Syndrome”

This is kinda weird/cool from Hungary’s RUMEX. I’m not sure what the raw chicken has to do with anything, but RUMEX (real name: Fanni Fazakas) has gone surreal with this track called “Summer Syndrome.” I couldn’t stop watching. I think I may need help.

2. Five Finger Death Punch, “Donald Death Punch”

Five Finger Death Punch has a video that’s just too much fun not to post. Please, Mr. Trump, stay in the race. You’d make a terrible president but having you as a candidate is sooooo entertaining.

3. Andy Shernoff and Lydia Lunch, “A Good Night to Say Goodbye” (NSFW)

This might be the best break-up song you’ll hear all year. Why wasn’t this a hit?

4. Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” Played on a Water Bottle Bass

Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

5. Mac Sabbath

Speaking of Sabbath, here’s a tribute band that crosses Ozzy and Co. with McDonalds characters. No one knows why.

6. What if The Clash Had Been a Techno-Pop Band?

Then they might have sounded like this.

7. The World’s First Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band

Please welcome Phoenix’s Okilly Dokilly who practice a genre they called “metal nedal.”

8. Slayer As Played by Hand Farts

Remember when the Internet was supposed to lead us into a wonderful world of creativity? Well, something went wrong.

9. The Weirdness of Rupan Bal

Don’t ask for an explanation. Just go with it.

My eyes....THEY HURT. What was that.

Posted by Rupan Bal on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

10. Dancing Germans

I know this is fake, but it nearly ruined one of my favourite Madchester songs of all time.

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