Beagle 2 Disappears

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

Christmas Day reminds the guys in Blur about how they were almost the first band to broadcast a song from the surface of Mars. Let me explain. Alex James, the band’s bass player, is a major space nut. Working with the European Space Union, he convinced them that their Mars probe, Beagle 2, should play a specially-written Blur song to signal that it had safely touched down on the Red Planet as scheduled on Christmas Day, 2003. Things went just fine up until December 19 when the probe separated from its mothership with touchdown scheduled for December 25. But then, nothing. The probe was lost until January 2015 when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter found it, its solar panels not fully opened. It’s possible that the probe did play its Blur song but without enough power, there was no one around to hear it.


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