The Most Expensive Record in the World

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

What is the most expensive record in the world? The answer is something of a moving target. Some say it’s the acetate that a young Elvis Presley recorded for his mom—the amateur recording that got Sam Phillips to sign him to Sun Records, thereby giving birth to rock’n’roll. Others say it’s another acetate that a group called the Quarrymen made in the late 50s. They, of course, went on to be the Beatles. But there’s a new contender.

Last year, Wu Tang Clan made a record Once Upon a Time in Shaloin and manufactured exactly ONE copy. It was a statement against the growing disposable-ness of music. Shaloin is encased in an intricately etched silver box and was stored in a vault in Morocco. It was for sale, but you had to bid on it. Someone finally did—for a rumoured $5 million US. Is this the most expensive record in the world? Sure looks like it.

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