‘Letterkenny’ is The Distinctly Canadian Comedy Canadians Deserve

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge

..it’s fast paced and laugh out loud hilarious.

It’s also #NSFW

The 6 episode first season debuted exclusively on streaming service CraveTV this weekend and it deserves your attention and admiration immediately.

Lets go back to where it started with the ‘Letterkenny Problems’ youtube series.

Couple good ol’ boys talking about life.. that’s comedy I can get behind.. There’s a bunch more from that original run here

From there the Letterkenny crew adapted a full sitcom season of 6 – 25 minute episodes; and it is, as I said, hilarious. Just truly a great Canadian sitcom and how many times have we ever been able to say that?

Oh and Mark Forward is in it!

6 25 minute episodes? You can burn through it so pitter patter.

Oh also get reayd to fall in love with Katie Kat..

How do I do the one where its the smiley guy with the hearts in his eyes? Stupid computer.. anyway ***the smiley one with the hearts in the eyes***..

One more thing.. the music is kick-ass too.. Episode 1 features The Pack AD


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