So When Is That Band No Longer a Band?

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So When Is That Band No Longer a Band?

Here is a tough question: if a group goes through multiple changes, when is it appropriate to change names?

Take the Smashing Pumpkins.  The classic line-up came to an end in 1999 with the departure of bassist D’Arcy WretzkyMelissa Auf Der Maur filled in until the break-up in December 2000.  When the Pumpkins reformed in 2006, only Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin were around.  But then in March 2009, Jimmy left, leaving Billy on his own pretty much ever since.

So here’s the question: is this current band deserving of the name Smashing Pumpkins?  Billy says “absolutely.”  Here’s his blog defense: “In the center of any of it has been for me, speaking personally, my music. Yes, MY music.”  So “Smashing Pumpkins” it is, then…

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