Green Day’s Woodstock Gig

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge
Green Day's Woodstock Gig

Green Day will never forget their time on stage at the 25th anniversary Woodstock show in 1994.

At one point in the set, fans started throwing hunks of mud and sod at the stage.  Green Day took this all very good-naturedly and starting throwing stuff back.  In fact, it was a pretty goofy scene–the audience and the band covered in muck.  However, between the audience and the band were a line of security guards–and they didn’t appreciate being caught in the middle.

Finally, one of them cracked.

He leapt up on stage and tackled Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt.  Mike fell against one of the stage monitors, busting up his arm and losing three teeth.  He need emergency surgery to fix things up….and Green Day had to cancel one of that summer’s Lollapalooza gigs so Mike could heal.

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