Eddie Vedder’s Notebook

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Eddie Vedder's Notebook


For the longest time, anyone who encountered Eddie Vedder on the street somewhere, chances were he had a cheap coil-ringed notebook under his arm with the words “NOT YOURS” scrawled on the front.  That notebook went with him everywhere.


It contains thoughts, observations, doodles and ideas that were eventually transformed into Pearl Jam songs.  When one notebook got full, he put it in a safe place and referred to it (and others like it) when he needed inspiration.  Eddie is pretty protective of his notebooks.  He still remembers the time two notebooks full of ideas and lyrical fragments were stolen backstage while Pearl Jam was playing the Melody Club in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 25, 1992.

He’s never really recovered from that.

By the way, rumours say that photocopied pages from those notebooks turned up in New York’s East Village selling for fifty bucks a pop.

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