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'Roadies' & 'Vinyl' Could Be Our New Favourite Shows
This coming Sunday Martin Scorseses' HBO series 'Vinyl' debuts - it's about the music industry in the 70s and looks absolutely awesome BUT I must pose you this question.... What is better than 1 awesome show about the world behind the curtain of Rock n Roll? 2 SHOWS about the world behind the curtain of ROck n Roll!!! Enter Cameron Crowe, who we know and love for 'Almost Famous' is set to release his own show about - "Roadies" and it looks great! TV is so good these days. @Adam1021  ...

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Silence Wieners, Batfleck is Awesome ...
So the final trailer for Batman v Superman is here. For all its flaws I can't help but get excited. Seeing the big three from DC all in one movie makes me all fluttery in my manly parts....