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Eddie Nearly Dies
Eddie Vedder had a close call in March of 1995.  Pearl Jam was in New Zealand and Eddie took some time off between shows to go swimming with his friend, the singer Neil Finn. Eddie, as fans knows, has always been a fanatical surfer and he couldn’t wait to check out the breakers.  They went to a beach where the ocean surf is particularly rough–but Eddie was game.  But while they were in the water, Eddie got caught in a riptide, which is a very scary thing.  In fact, had it not been for the...

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Fred & Mel - Master Chef Canada Grilled Cheese Cook Off
If you know anything about Fred, you'll know he loooooves his grilled cheese.  So when the final two contestants from Master Chef Canada were asked to come in, there was no question what dish they were going to make.  David Jorge and Line Pelltier battle it out one last time in the Edge studio before the season finale airs this Sunday at 8pm on CTV. Check out Fred's past grilled cheese challenge....