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The Reason You Can’t Find Ongoing History of New Music Shows Online for On-Demand Listening or Podcasts
  I’m about to start writing the 733rd episode of The Ongoing History of New Music, the radio documentary I’ve hosted almost continuously since 1993. Each program requires anywhere from 10 to 14 hours to research, write, record and produce. And after an episode goes to air on stations across North America, it disappears. Vanishes. Evaporates. Archived to a network hard drive. And it stays gone until we’re able to run a repeat during the holidays or through the summer. Can past episodes...

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How To Deep Fry A Turkey Without Killing Yourself
Ever wanted to know how to deep fry a turkey? 102.1 the Edge's Wade MacNeil gave it a try and, well, let's just say things turned out crispy. Watch this informative video and see Wade take the plunge....