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Bono and His Aliases
If you’re a U2 fan, you know that Bono’s given name is Paul David Hewson.  However, it gets a little more complicated than that.  When he was a kid, Paul was part of a pretentious, artsy Dublin street gang called Lypton Village.  The rule was that ever member had to have some kind of nickname.  The first nickname given to Paul was Steinvic von Huyesman.  Then that somehow morphed into “Houseman.” After that, he was known for a time as “Bon Murray.”  Then came “Bono Vox of...

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Conversations With Kittens - Mark Forward - Episode 3
Humans conversing while holding baby kitties. Does the internet get any better? Join Fred and Mel as they engage in topical conversation with rock stars, comedians, politicians and anyone else who's not allergic to cats. Special thanks to: Mark Forward for beguiling us with his witty cat whispering. The OSPCA - Visit their site to adopt or donate. All cats in the video are available for adoption depending on availability....