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How McDonald's Betrayed Me: A Love Story By Kid Craig
McDonald’s, Mickey D’s, McDonaldos.. whatever name you’ve chosen, just replace it with plain old dirty McDicks. I have adored the McDonald’s menu in it’s entirety ever since I was a young lad. When I recently heard The Golden Arches were going to launch an all-day breakfast, it felt like our first date all over again. The choice was finally mine to enjoy a sultry Egg McMuffin for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner! The thought of such a thing released intoxicating endorphins within my brain....

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Chew On This With Wade MacNeil - Canadian National Exhibition
Wade spends the day at the Canadian National Exhibition and tries the some of the newest and messiest food concoctions. What's on the menu? Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Red Velvet Pancake Pulled Pork Sandwich Frosted Flake Chicken Skewer Tim Hortons Poutine Vienna Poutine Balls...