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Adventures in Vinyl: Killing Joke: “Eighties” (1985)
We have made it to the letter “K” again on yet another spin through the vinyl archive. If you’re a fan of Nirvana, you may have heard of a lawsuit that erupted over the song “Come As You Are” from the Nevermind album. An English band called Killing Joke noted that the opening bars of “Come As You Are” were nothing more than a slowed down version of their 1985 song entitled “Eighties.” Lawyers got involved but in the end, everything was settled and everyone became friends. I...

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Conversations With Kittens - Mark Forward - Episode 3
Humans conversing while holding baby kitties. Does the internet get any better? Join Fred and Mel as they engage in topical conversation with rock stars, comedians, politicians and anyone else who's not allergic to cats. Special thanks to: Mark Forward for beguiling us with his witty cat whispering. The OSPCA - Visit their site to adopt or donate. All cats in the video are available for adoption depending on availability....