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Death From Above 1979's "Virgins" Video Is Extremely Creepy...
In Death From Above's new video for 'Virgins'... "Amish kids eat mushrooms, bang their heads, snort the ashes of the dead, lick each other's eyeballs, and get sprayed with projectile goat milk straight from an udder."- Pitchfork Yup...pretty creepy! Eva Michon, who is also married to Sebastian Grainger, directed this video also directed their documentary Life After Death From Above. Check it out below in Pitchforks article below......

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George Ezra @ Danforth Music Hall
George Ezra performed live for the third time in Toronto this year on April 20th at The Danforth Music Hall. Ezra opened for Sam Smith and Hozier prior to his own sold out headlining concert. Throughout the show Ezra told many stories of what inspired his music and the places he has ventured to. The connection between the audience and performer was palpable and it made the night that much more special. The laughs and stories shared were a bonus to a night filled with great music. The audience...