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The Sony Walkman, Part 2
We’re looking at the Sony Walkman this week, a device that made its debut in North America 35 years ago this summer. At first, the Walkman went by different names in different countries. It was called the Stowaway in the UK. Sweden’s version was called the Freestyle. And the first Canadian and US models were marketed as the Soundabout. Eventually, though, the Japanese name—the Walkman—was rolled out across all territories. Sony co-founder Akiro Morita HATED that name and demand that that...

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Fearless Fred’s Fearless Challenge at Skydive Burnaby
Fearless Fred surpassed his goal to raise $2,500 for the Fearless Challenge to support The Canadian Cancer Society! Watch him jump out of a plane as he conquers his fear of heights by going skydiving with our friends at Skydive Burnaby. Are you fearless? Show the world that you can face your fears, just as those living with cancer have to do on a daily basis. No fear is too big or too small! Learn more and sign up at to confront your fear and raise funds to...