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See The Post Credit Walking Dead Scene That Has Us Asking.. Who Is Negan?
The Walking Dead Season 6 mid-season finale has come and gone and left us with more questions than answers. Several of our favourites are in BIG BIG trouble but might their biggest threat be on the horizon? So who is Negan? If you've read the comics you know the show is about to get VERY dark and no one is safe. No spoilers here, just know his jaw is square, his attitude is ruthless and he doesn't give an F who your favourite character is.. he killed both of mine in the comics and I'll NEVER...

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Banners - Live @ The Edge
Born in Liverpool, UK, BANNERS was fascinated by dreams, life, death, hope and despair. He grew up singing in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Choir and the Liverpool Kop. After singing in cathedrals and concert halls across Europe, BANNERS went to work on his own material. Influenced by artists ranging from The Beatles to Arcade Fire, BANNERS’ music is at once haunting and hopeful, sure to resonate with audiences across space and age. Set List Shine A Light Start A Riot November...