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10 Incredible Mashups You Need to Listen to
There’s something almost eerie about taking two segments from completely different songs (or even genres in some cases) and mixing them together. Sometimes this combination of songs can work well, however in most cases it doesn’t. Here are 10 mashups I’ve found recently that will give you goosebumps, because there’s nothing that compares to hearing two of your favourite songs properly mixed with one another into an incredible track. #1 Eagles / Red Hot Chili Peppers: Hotel Californication I’m...

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Wolf Alice: From Glastonbury To Adelaide Hall, The Bus Keeps Rolling
In the atrium of the Corus Entertainment building at Sugar Beach in Toronto, there is a three story slide that Wolf Alice guitarist Joff Oddie and bassist Theo Ellis have decided to try and climb... together. It’s an odd take on the myth of Sisyphus, where in place of the rock, they shove each other up the hill. Upon failure, they both tumble out of the slide atop each other. Oddie springs up and exclaims “and that is how babies are made.” It really isn’t surprising to see them blowing...