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Apparently Stubborn Kids are More Likely to be Successful, Study Says.
A study that has been in the works for decades tried to find which personality characteristics correlated with professional success. Only recently it concluded both direct and indirect influences that show stubbornness as the most common characteristic among the 700 participants aged 40. All participants were initially enlisted when they were age 9 in 1985. If that's not convincing enough, the study also showed children that didn't follow the rules or listen to their parents ended up having the...

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The Sheepdogs @ The Danforth Music Hall
The Sheepdogs recently played two sold-out shows at The Danforth Music Hall as part of their Canadian tour. The attention isn’t surprising considering how lively they are on stage. Fit with a provincial Saskatchewan flag and an on-stage bar, the band started off with the single ‘I’m Gonna Be Myself’ off their newest album Future Nostalgia. Shamus Currie rocked the venue with a trombone solo during ‘Help Us All’. Throughout the night, guitarist Jimmy Bowskill played energetic solos...