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Police Push Google To Turn Off 'Stalking' App
'Waze' is an app that combines social networking and GPS. It provides users with numorous features, all of which are driving-related. These features include Traffic Guidance, warnings of congestion, collisions, construction zones, potholes and even speed traps or traffic cameras! Police officers across the US are condemning this feature as it provides users with the location of officers, considering it a "Stalking app for officers". Do you think this poses a threat to police? Or is this just...

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Big Data @ The Edge
Brooklyn based electronic indie band, Big Data performed in the Edge studios for an exclusive Sugar Beach Session before their evening show at The Phoenix on December 17th.  Their aptly named debut album, 1.0  made it to number one on Billboards Alternative Songs chart in August 2014. December 17, 2014 Photos by Laura Whelan...