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Help The Toronto Zoo Name Their Panda Cubs
The Toronto Zoo got a pair of Panda's on loan from China for a few years, the Panda's clearly loved it here, how could you not? And immediately had what Fox News call 'anchor babies'.. 2 of em.. so no the Toronto Zoo needs you help naming them.. theres a bunch of cool meaningful names to choose from.. Jia Bao (Canadian Treasure) and Duo Bao (Toronto Treasure) DuoDuo (Toronto) and Jia Jia (Canada) Jia Pengyou (Canadian Friend) and Duo Pengyou (Toronto Friend) Jia Panpan (Canadian Hope)...

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Vance Joy Fan Gets The Surprise Of Her Life
Karoline Podolak thought her cover of Vance Joy's "Georgia" was being filmed for a documentary about musicians in the office. Little did she know, Vance Joy himself was listening to the whole thing. Find out what happens! January 26, 2016 Photos by Bobby Singh - ...