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Harrison Ford should stick to deep space vehicles
Harrison Ford crashed his very expensive plane on a golf course yesterday.  I also fly planes.  Mine are not quite as expensive as his, but the basics are the same.  Keep the wings generating lift and you should be fine.  Engine quits?  No problem, just land on the nearest golf course.  Preferably close to the 19th hole.  Who wouldn't want a drink after that? So many people think flying is dangerous.  It's not.  We just hear about plane crashes a lot in the news because they are mysterious...

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Hozier @ Massey Hall
The most talked about Irish singer/songwriter sold out Massey Hall on March 2nd. His self-titled debut album released this summer and his song “Take Me To Church” went viral.  The Hozier hype has not died down as the audience swayed along to songs such as “Someone New” and “In a Week”. Hozier and his band of six were spot on and pitch perfect while reaching all different vocal ranges. Strobe lights, smoke machines, and beautiful lighting set the mood for such a breathtaking performance. As...