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Original vs. the Cover: The Noisettes / The Killers
‘When You Were Young’  is one of The Killers' most successful songs. It reached number 1 on the U.S. Billboard for alternative songs and was also nominated for multiple Grammy awards. The Noisettes are an indie pop-rock group from London, England who take a peculiar direction with their cover of ‘When You Were Young’. Right from the beginning of their performance you’re immediately disarmed by a softer and more intimate perspective on a song you’re all too familiar with. The use of...

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Chew On This With Wade MacNeil - Canadian National Exhibition
Wade spends the day at the Canadian National Exhibition and tries the some of the newest and messiest food concoctions. What's on the menu? Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Red Velvet Pancake Pulled Pork Sandwich Frosted Flake Chicken Skewer Tim Hortons Poutine Vienna Poutine Balls...