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A Billion Hearing Issues
Now that Ebola seems to be fading, the World Health Organization, being the “this-is-bad-for-you” busybodies that it is (and often with very good reasons) has issued another dire health warning. This time it has to do with the billion young people whose music is JUST TOO DAMN LOUD. It estimates that between half of those between 12 and 25 in middle- and upper-income countries are in danger because they operate their music players and phones at volume levels higher than they should. Another 40%...

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Conversations With Kittens - Lemur Edition
Humans conversing while holding baby kitties (or lemurs!!) Does the internet get any better? Join Fred and Mel as they engage in topical conversation with rock stars, comedians, politicians and anyone else who's not allergic to cats. To watch past episodes:  Special thanks to Dell from the Canadian Pet Expo! The Canadian Pet Expo is happening April 3-5 at The international Centre (6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga) Free parking all weekend. Family Passes Available. Adult Day Pass: $18 |...