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The 4'33" Download
In 1952, composer John Cage came up with something he called "4'33"" (read as "four thirty-three," as in four minutes and 33 seconds).  Divided into three movements (30 seconds, 2:23 and 1:40), it involves the musician (or musicians) to sit at their instruments for exactly 4:33 and play...nothing.  They just sit there.  Cage meant for the experience to get people to hear the sounds of the environment around them.  What did a full concert hall sound like when there was nothing being played? ...

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Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear @ The Edge
Meeting Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear was like meeting long lost old friends.  The mood was light and the conversation with this mother and son duo from Kansas City flowed effortlessly.  Initially, they were supposed to perform two songs, the single "Silent Movies" and a Fleetwood Mac cover of "Dreams".  However, at the end of the session they surprised us all, continuing into "Whole Lotta Problems".  We had no complaints. May 21, 2015 Photos by Laura Whelan...