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Fake Homeless Shelter Leaves Leaside Residents In Tears
Residents were so upset they cried after a notice was posted in Leaside about the opening of a new homeless shelter. It was a hidden camera stunt implemented by Raising the Roof to help raise awareness about homelessness as an issue in the upcoming election. The location was a former Sleep Country store on Bayview Avenue that had "a sign announcing the privately-funded Jefferson Homeless Shelter would open on Nov. 1, offering 62 beds and hot meals, run by a volunteer staff of three" (Metro). Here's...

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How To Deep Fry A Turkey Without Killing Yourself
Ever wanted to know how to deep fry a turkey? 102.1 the Edge's Wade MacNeil gave it a try and, well, let's just say things turned out crispy. Watch this informative video and see Wade take the plunge....