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Top 5 Food Trucks and Craft Beers To Try at the CNE
Smack dab between opening day and the air show is the what I consider the most productive weekend during CNE.  Yes any day you can ride the attractions, see the shows, and try the crazy new foods but it's the weekend of Friday August 28 through to August 30th that you can add Food trucks and Craft Beer to you list of CNE accomplishments. The Food Truck Frenzy is back, bigger and better than before and this time they joined up with the Craft Beer Fest to offer you everything you could possibly...

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Chew On This With Wade MacNeil - Canadian National Exhibition
Wade spends the day at the Canadian National Exhibition and tries the some of the newest and messiest food concoctions. What's on the menu? Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Red Velvet Pancake Pulled Pork Sandwich Frosted Flake Chicken Skewer Tim Hortons Poutine Vienna Poutine Balls...