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Vince Mancini: Jared Leto Method Acting And Magic Mike XXL
Vince Mancini from Film Drunk was on the Fearless Fred Show this morning to do what he does best which is talk about movies. He spoke about the obscene methods of Jared Leto as he dives deep into his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad. He also talked about the release of Magic Mike XXL....

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Bad Religion @ The Phoenix
Another night of pure rock resonated through the streets of Toronto emanating from The Phoenix Concert Hall. Bad Religion, Plague Vendor, The Penske File and an enormous CrossBuster surrounded by moody fog and dramatic lighting, made sure the fans got more then what they paid for. It wasn’t a sold out gig, but the energetic audience was in full-gear with die-hard fans, parents, kids with coloured hair and mohawks jumping around to every song they played. Toronto hasn’t been fortunate enough...