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Dave Grohl Posts 32-Year-Old Letter He Wrote To Musical Hero
Even Dave Grohl sought out advice once on how to break into rock and roll music. On Thursday (May 29th), the Foo Fighters frontman posted at Twitter a letter he wrote when he was just 14 years old to underground punk legend Ian MacKaye of the band Fugazi. In the letter, Grohl asks MacKaye if he can connect Grohl with anyone who can help pursue his dream of playing rock music, adding his phone number and even the hours during which MacKaye can call him. Grohl wrote on Twitter about the...

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Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear @ The Edge
Meeting Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear was like meeting long lost old friends.  The mood was light and the conversation with this mother and son duo from Kansas City flowed effortlessly.  Initially, they were supposed to perform two songs, the single "Silent Movies" and a Fleetwood Mac cover of "Dreams".  However, at the end of the session they surprised us all, continuing into "Whole Lotta Problems".  We had no complaints. May 21, 2015 Photos by Laura Whelan...