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Daily Download: Time, the Beholder
Artist: Tylor Dory Trio | Title: Time, the Beholder| Album: Carried Away These guys describe their sound as 'rock infused prog-metal', and if you're wondering what that sounds then you're in for a treat. The guitar works sound as spacey, heavy and ethereal as Crack the Skye era Mastodon accompanied by vocals similar to Layne Staley of Alice in Chains (but a lot more spacey and classical metal). So, if you like either of those bands, you'll love these guys. Download Now...

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Wolf Alice: From Glastonbury To Adelaide Hall, The Bus Keeps Rolling
In the atrium of the Corus Entertainment building at Sugar Beach in Toronto, there is a three story slide that Wolf Alice guitarist Joff Oddie and bassist Theo Ellis have decided to try and climb... together. It’s an odd take on the myth of Sisyphus, where in place of the rock, they shove each other up the hill. Upon failure, they both tumble out of the slide atop each other. Oddie springs up and exclaims “and that is how babies are made.” It really isn’t surprising to see them blowing...