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Manny Pacquiao Performs- Sometimes When We Touch...
The "fight of the century happened" last night/this morning. I didn't watch, not a fan of boxing. Even though Manny Pacquiao didn't win, he was still my pick, but not because he can knock your teeth out....because he can sing! CH'ya! But in all there anything this man can't do? I bet you he's a really great cook too! ...

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Passion Pit @ Danforth Music Hall
It was a bright and sunny Wednesday in Toronto. The contagious, warm atmosphere descended into the night and seeped through the walls of the Danforth Music Hall. Or perhaps, that was the result of American, pop band, Passion Pit’s 19+ show. Their opener was a band from Nashville that was playing in Canada for the very first time. COIN is a pop rock 4-piece that warmed the crowd up with their exciting tunes. Upbeat and extremely energetic, these boys sound similar to Passion Pit (obviously),...