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The 4th of July Is All About Freedom, And Competitive Eating
Every 4th of July Coney Island hosts the super bowl of competitive eating. The Nathans International Hotdog Eating Contest pits 15 of the world's top eaters, that would be an odd title to have, against each other. People actually gather in large crowds to watch the eaters cram as many sloshed up hot dogs into their mouths as possible. The pictures from the event are exactly what you would expect them to be. The winner of the prestigious contest managed to inhale 50 hot dogs in one sitting, how is...

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The Tragically Hip @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Is there a better way to celebrate the nation’s 148th birthday than by seeing one of Canada’s biggest bands play to a sold out crowd, outside on a beautiful summer night? I think not. With 9 of their 12 albums reaching #1 in Canada and 14 Juno awards under their belt, The Tragically Hip are an integral part of the Canadian soundscape. The Hip proved their worth to this energetic crowd and played a show that can only be described as fully and completely awesome! People wearing red and...