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Music Lessons Are Good for You
Here’s more proof that taking music lessons is good for you.  Steven Small of the University of Chicago used an MRI machine to scan the brains of a group of subjects.  Some were violin players and some were not.  He discovered that the violin players moved their fingers differently than those who did not play the instrument, thanks to activity in a certain part of the brain. Cutting through all the medical jargon, this study proves that playing an instrument tones up the brain in much the...

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Chew On This With Wade MacNeil - Canadian National Exhibition
Wade spends the day at the Canadian National Exhibition and tries the some of the newest and messiest food concoctions. What's on the menu? Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Red Velvet Pancake Pulled Pork Sandwich Frosted Flake Chicken Skewer Tim Hortons Poutine Vienna Poutine Balls...