Josie grew up in Pickering, a place where the backyards are big and the friends are plenty. It was here that she first realized she wanted to be a broadcaster. She’d listen to the Edge and tape over Maie Potts with her own voice dreaming of a position in radio. Now she’s the afternoon drive announcer on the Edge and her countdown show, Josie’s Top 20, is being syndicated in markets across the country.

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Woman Tweets That She Needs Weed, Sheriff Office's Response Goes Viral
Florida twitter user @Rosa_Sparkz tweeted her need for weed and got a response from the Palm Beach County Sheriff. Neither of them expected the conversation to go viral: Her response? "follow back so I can DM you the location" ... *facepalm* Speaking of stoners, let's not forget one who called me a couple months ago: Hahah - these people are so entertaining. - Josie...

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