Josie grew up in Pickering, a place where the backyards are big and the friends are plenty. It was here that she first realized she wanted to be a broadcaster. She’d listen to the Edge and tape over Maie Potts with her own voice dreaming of a position in radio. Now she’s the afternoon drive announcer on the Edge and her countdown show, Josie’s Top 20, is being syndicated in markets across the country.

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New Zealand PM Apologizes For Repeatedly Tugging on Waitress's Ponytail
John Key, New Zealand's Prime Minister, has apologized to a waitress for "light-heartedly" pulling her ponytail. According to the waitress, when it first started happening, she thought he was just being "playful and jolly" and so she didn't take it seriously. After a while, however, it kept going. She would tell him to stop and wagged her finger at him. This didn't help, and eventually she said told him stop or "[she would] actually hit [him] soon". She considered it harassment. I don't think...

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