Josie grew up in Pickering, a place where the backyards are big and the friends are plenty. It was here that she first realized she wanted to be a broadcaster. She’d listen to the Edge and tape over Maie Potts with her own voice dreaming of a position in radio. Now she’s the afternoon drive announcer on the Edge and her countdown show, Josie’s Top 20, is being syndicated in markets across the country.

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Josie's Top 20 'Legendary Lyrics'
They are musicians; they can sing, play guitar, bass and drums. They can write these amazing melodies that have hooks and riffs and know exactly when to change the key or add a crescendo.  They use those 4 great chords and always hook you with some distortion or rhythm change.  But what about the lyrics? Who cares about the lyrics!?  Yes, you know every single word of your favourite song, but do you ever stop and think… “Wow, these icons are poets and some of the best poetry in the world...

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