Josie Dye knows what really makes a musician. Josie has had countless conversations with the stars of the music world, and she knows what you really want to know.  Her interviews with A-listers—from Chris Martin, to Mumford and Sons, to Oprah—give Josie the ability to speak the language of celebrities – but she never wavers from her straightforward, fun-loving style that has endeared her to millions and made her a staple of the Canadian broadcasting world.

When artists like Eddie Vedder or John Paul Jones come to town, they talk to Josie, whose warm, casual tone brings the truth of the artists straight to the listeners who love them.

Like all successful people, Josie thrives on being busy.  Together with her husband, she raises two small sons, one of whom was diagnosed with the rare Sotos Syndrome.  Josie lends her voice and profile to raising awareness for the little known disease, and sits on the board of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

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