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The Spirit of Radio

The Spirit of Radio

Once upon a time, 102.1 proclaimed itself to be The Spirit of Radio.  It was a special era in the station’s evolution—the CFNY years from 1977 through to 1992—when alt-rock existed on the fringes of the rock universe.

During those years, CFNY 102.1 became one of the most important, pioneering and influential radio stations in the world, a revolutionary force that changed the face of radio and championed the music and careers of countless new artists of the day. It was a crazy time, loaded with new music, new sounds and new forms of freedom of expression. It was the birth of the Alternative format on radio.

If you’re curious about why today’s music is the way it is (or maybe you were just born too late), you need to listen to your history. Looking back is sometimes the best way forward.

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Spirit of Radio