Andy Borkowski:  Andy Borkowski is a News Anchor at Corus Radio’s AM640 in Toronto and hopes to bring that same news orientation to gaming. Andy has worked in the industry for several years publishing content for various magazines and websites; that love and dedication for advocating the artistic legitimacy of the medium has cultivated into strong relationship with major players in the industry. He’s the interviewer that asks the right questions that most major players miss, plus he has a magnificent and lustrous beard.

David Szpargala: Born and raised in Toronto, “Shaggy Dave” is a graduate of Humber College’s Radio Broadcasting program.  After that, he worked his butt off as an intern at Corus Radio’s AM640in Toronto and earned a gig as a technical producer. Shaggy Dave also loves his movies, music, video games, and sports.  The list is a rather long one when it comes to movies, Jurassic Park is his all-time favourite, but will settle for any Schwarzenegger flick or Star Wars any day. His first gaming console was a Nintendo 64 that came with Goldeneye and has been addicted to video games and first person shooters ever since.


Guest Hosts


Wes Atkinson: Originally from Pickering, Ontario, Wes is a technical producer at Corus Radio’s AM640 in Toronto. Beginning with a Nintendo Entertainment System, he has had at least one console from every generation. He’s been described as a guy’s guy: video games, comics, sports and movies are big parts of his life. Being part of the generation that witnessed the beginning of console gaming, Wes has seen the industry grow and the technology advance from the 8bit pixels to the incredible HD graphics we have today.

Zac Fanni is a Toronto-based filmmaker and Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber. When he’s not sneaking video games into his curriculum, he’s writing, filming and editing content about them for VGS. Garrus Vakarian is the only man (or male?) he has ever loved.


Mike “Birdman” Dodd he calls Shelburne, Ontario home for the most part, despite its similarity to Mos Eisley Spaceport.  Mike grew up in the sticks of mid western Ontario and is usually found absorbing data from all sorts of different sources, video games, movies and occasionally pirate radio. 7 Years later and thousands of hours of content, he has produced video game reviews and news segments for websites such as Screwattack,Gametrailers,and been featured on Kevin Smith’s Comic Book men and even had a shot at his own reality TV show but that is a story for another time…

Patrick O’Rourke became interested in video games, technology and writing at a very young age while scouring the pages of magazines like Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly. He’s interviewed a variety of video game developers, reviewed countless games and has covered the PlayStation 4′s reveal event, GDC, E3, the Game Awards, the Canadian Video Game Awards and many other local Toronto technology related events.



Cameron Allan grew up, and is currently living in, Oakville, Ontario. He is a writer, author, editor, journalist and admirer of every facet of the written and spoken word. He is a student at the University of Toronto, where he studies professional writing and communications and writes for the university newspaper. He is also an editor, head writer and guest host on VGS, and is a contributing citizen journalist for 102.1 the edge. Cameron developed a strong passion for video games from a very young age and has been presented with an outlet to transpose his two undying passions onto paper.


Andrew Walsh has always enjoyed two things, hockey and video games. He is a diehard leaf fan, and an avid console and PC gamer. Andrew graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a BA in Political Science and is actively pursuing a master’s degree in the same subject area. He currently lives back in the East Coast in Halifax, where he plans to finish up his thesis. When he isn’t working on his thesis, playing video games or watching hockey, he works as a member of the Canadian Army Reserve 36thCombat Engineer Regiment.

Jessica Earles. Classical composition and first person shooter devotee.. Jessica is a Writer, Musician, Sci-Fi lover and an aficionado of Middle Earth. She also enjoys a “shaken, not stirred” 007 conversation with a twist of classic and slapstick horror cinema. Her passion for gaming began at a young age with her Sega Genesis and continues to grow with every console and game she plays.


Nason Ibrahim I was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Where I grew up with the favorable nickname “Ninja”. Now as a man everyone refers to me as Ninja Nason. Any game that contains stealth or being incredibly sneaky make me feel like I truly am worthy of the nickname. My twin brother and I started a podcast for fun and realized that the radio world would become apart of my life forever. Started studying at Humber North for Radio Broadcasting and feel in love with the sales aspect of radio. I hope to one day work and live downtown Toronto as a Sales Representative.

Matthew MacKillop: Born in Sydney Nova Scotia and raised in Pickering Ontario, Matthew MacKillop is A “Broadcasting for Contemporary Media” graduate from Durham College. “MacK” has volunteered at Riot Radio and Rogers Community television station and is now an Intern for VGS. MacK enjoys playing competitively like any other 22 year old gamer such as games like Day of Defeat Source & Counter Strike. Like any other 90’s kid MacK started with the N64 and began his gaming competitive endeavor with Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Super Smash Bros.


“Liam Brand” is a ‘professional’ couch-league gamer with a soft spot for any game with a good story. He has an equal appreciation for blood ‘n’ guts as he does for atmosphere and dialogue. When he’s not glued to the latest and greatest in gaming, he can probably be found ranting to someone about music or playing guitar for his dog.”

Richard Jellison grew up in Rahway, New Jersey. Yes, THAT New Jersey. After finding a home in the Great White North, he settled in and began attending Humber College’s Radio program. When not making waves in his audio production class, Richard manages his YouTube channel, where he provides full walkthroughs, and streams his triumphs (Read: victories between losing streaks) in Killer Instinct.


Toronto is home for Anton Macadaeg who goes to Humber College for Radio Broadcasting. Anton is an ex band geek, a lover of Hip-Hop, an avid console gamer, and an event MC with a loud & obnoxious personality. Anton is lost in a delusion that he is a Pokemon Champion, often found holding a 3DS, ready to lock eyes with his next opponent.

Thomas Hyde is a 22 year old from Milton, Ontario, and a first year in Humber’s Radio Broadcasting program. When he’s not busy with his studies, he’s likely to be gaming. As a self-proclaimed master of RPG’s, Thomas sincerely believes that if it weren’t for his years of hard work, the world would be overrun with skeletons and slimes. Anything from traditional RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate, to JRPG’s like the Persona series, Thomas has likely seen, played, and conquered.


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